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Home Inspection Contract

Please read carefully before signing. It affects your legal rights.

Home Inspectors operating in British Columbia are required to be licensed under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and are regulated under that Act. The services of a home inspector are not provided on behalf of, or in affiliation with, the Province of British Columbia or the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (commonly known and doing business as Consumer Protection BC). For more information on the regulation of home inspectors, what a home inspection should involve, how to select a home inspector and about your rights as a consumer contact Consumer Protection BC.


Article 1- Inspection

1:1 The Client hereby requests that the Inspector perform an inspection (the “Inspection”) of the Subject Propertyand prepare a written report (the “Inspection Report”). The Inspection and Inspection Report are subject to thefollowing limitations and conditions, each of which are acknowledged, understood and accepted by the Client.

a) The Inspection and Inspection Report shall be performed in accordance with accepted Consumer Protection BCStandards of Practice.

b) The Inspection and Inspection Report is a limited, non-invasive and visual inspection of the readily accessibleand visible major systems and components of the Primary Residence on the Property. Problems may be hidden andnot reported. Minor problems may be visible and not reported. A home inspection is not, and cannot be, anexhaustive list of flaws and imperfections.

c) The Inspector will not be inspecting for mould or asbestors. A microscope is required for this.

d)The Inspector will not be using invasive procedures in the inspection.

e) The Inspection and Inspection Report do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or an insurance policy.

f) The Client is encouraged, at their own risk, to attend a walk-through at the property after the Inspector has inspected the property. The Client accepts responsibility for the consequences of electing not to do so.

g) The condition of certain systems, components and equipment will be randomly sampled by the Inspector. Examples include, but may not be restricted to, window/door operation, electrical receptacles, switches and lights, cabinets, mortar, masonry, paint and caulking integrity,roof covering materials, and examination of interior and exterior surfaces for signs of moisture ingress.

h) The Inspection Report is for the confidential use of the Client only and will not be disclosed to third parties without the Client’s consent. The Client may disclose the Inspection Report and its contents to whomsoever they choose.

ARTICLE 2 - Restrictions on Legal Rights

2:1 In the event of any errors, omissions, breach of contract, and/or negligence by the Inspector the Client hereby agrees to the following restrictions on their legal rights.

a) While this contract cannot limit the time for filing claims, British Columbia’s Limitation Act, with a basic limitation period of two years, may apply;

b) In the event that the Client claims damages against the Inspector and does not prove those damages, the Client shall pay all legal fees, legal expenses and costs incurred by the Inspector in defense of the claim;

c) The Inspector shall not be liable to the Client for the cost of any repairs to or replacement of any system, component, or equipment undertaken by the Client without prior consultation with the Inspector.

ARTICLE 3 - Acknowledgment

3:1 By signing this Inspection Contract the Client acknowledges, covenants and agrees that:

a) The Client understands and agrees to be bound by each and every provision of this Contract.

b) The Client has the authority to bind any other family members or other interested parties to this Contract.

c) The Inspector has not made any representations or warranties about the terms of this Contract other than those contained in this written Contract.

d)The Client has had such legal advice as the Client desires in relation to the effect of this Contract on the Client's legal rights.

Acceptance and understanding of this agreement are hereby acknowledged:

Between The Inspector:
All Points Home Inspections
2023 Fernwood Road Victoria BC V8T 2Y8
Phone & Text: 250 213-6700
Inspector Tony Braid License # 47194
GST # 863 094 637
And The Client:
By pressing the "I AGREE" button, you are providing your electronic signature to abide by this contract.

Contract Updated Nov 1, 2018

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